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The current anti-noise products are using cotton, ear cotton, sponge, silicone, noise earplugs and other physical for noise reduction, you can isolate part of the noise, but still a lot of noise can't be eliminated, especially low-frequency roaring is almost hard to be eliminated.
And wear a long time the ear will be swollen pain, the damage to ear and body is quite serious, only the real noise reduction effect of the active noise reduction headphones can play a role in offsetting noise and protecting the ear

Apple said iPhone sales were $47.9 billion compared with analyst estimates of $41.4 billion, according to data from FactSet. Sales of Macs and iPads were $9.1 billion and $7.8 billion, respectively, article (use here) compared with FactSet estimates of $6.8 billion and $5.6 billion.

Sponge earplugs: low-pressure foam material, anti-noise earplugs smooth surface is made of high elastic polyester material, slow rebound, the use of ears when there is no pain, sound effects between 25dB-40dB. The earplugs are ideal for nightly sleep, but because of the slow rebound effect after cleaning it cannot be used repeatedly.
In general, sponge earplugs are disposable. But with the development of science, as of now there are some sponges earplugs can be used repeatedly for more than six months and can be scrubbe

But the disadvantage is not enough health, as wax may also remain in the ear canal, not easy to clean. And wear a long time the ears will have the feeling of pain. Use: 1 rub fine, the ear buds will be twisted into the strip, rub the more delicate the more easy to wear.
2. Plug in, pull up the ear corner, article so than the two-thirds into the ear canal. 3. Hold down and hold the ear buds for about 20 seconds until the earplugs inflate and block the ear canal. 4. Pull out, remove the earplug after use, the earplug gently pull ou

After the event, Apple Store should be back online with the new products available to order, which may include two new iPads, object-tracking devices called AirTags and even a new range of computers inspired by 1998's iMac G3. 

Apple thrived through the coronavirus pandemic as home-bound consumers stocked up on electronic devices and signed up for paid apps and services for fitness and music, and sales shot up even higher as Apple released 5G iPhone models last fall.

n We all know that when listening to music or watching videos, many people like to put on a headset, this is because headphones can help isolate some of the outside world sound, so that we can quietly concentrate on listening to music or watching vide

April 28 (Reuters) - Apple Inc on Wednesday posted sales and profits far ahead of Wall Street expectations and announced a $90 billion share buyback as customers continued to upgrade to 5G iPhones and snapped up new Mac models with Apple's house-designed processor chips.

In the coming weeks, Apple will defend a high-profile antitrust lawsuit brought by "Fortnite" maker Epic Games, while European Union antitrust regulators are set to chare the company following a complaint by music streaming service Spotify , Reuters reported this week.

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Long-term use of the headset may cause the earwax to be raised into the middle ear while the earplug is inserted into the ear canal, which can cause tinnitus, weaken hearing, pain, or bacterial infection. Anti-noise earplugs are also likely to be the triggers of otitis media, because in the warm, humid environment, many bacteria will be more prosperous breedin

Apple's sales in the greater China region during the fiscal second quarter, which included the busy Lunar New Year shopping season, were up 87.5% to $17.7 billion, compared with a 57% rise in the previous quarter.

The results came the midst of a global semiconductor shortage that has hobbled U.S.
automotive manufacturers but that appears to have left Apple, a major chip buyer known for its supply chain expertise, unscathed.

It's also alluded to the new line with the colourful logo in the Spring Loaded press invite, if the rumour is to be believed - as has Tim Cook in his tweet on Tuesday, which included a photo of a giant rainbow archway. 

Prosser - who currently has a 77.5 per cent rating on Apple Track - previously shared renders of the redesigned system in options for silver, space gray, green, sky blue and rose gold  earlier this year. 

Cook said the company has 660 million paying subscribers on its platform, an increase from the 620 million in the fiscal first quarter.
Apple recently added new paid offerings such as its Fitness+ workout service.