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In the year 2012, a comet is coming to Earth and threatens to plunge everything into ruin. The US pilot Matthew Drax is assigned to observe the launch of the comet by nuclear missiles with a flight squadron. But the launch from the ISS fails and the comet, eight kilometres in diameter, collides with Earth. Before that, it crossed the flight path of the stratospheric jets. They crash - and for Matthew Drax the greatest adventure of his life begins. After the crash in the Alps, he has to realise that he has traveled back in time to the year 2516 for reasons that are initially unknown. Earth has become a very dangerous place. Between predatory mutations and wild barbarians, he and his new companion, the telepathic warrior Aruula, begin to research the riddle of the comet - on an incredible journey across the planet. Alongside survivors in bunker civilisations, he encounters an ancient underwater race, he flies to the moon and finally even to Mars, he fights barbarians, degenerate flora and fauna and even time itself. In the process, he encounters many a bizarre thing, and more than once things happen that he would never have thought possible. His relationship with Aruula also has much to overcome. Constantly in danger of their lives, they work for the rescue of the earth and its remaining inhabitants. And so they fall into new and unbelievable adventures again and again...
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